The Ultimate Fitness Model Body in just 90 Days?

So that body that you want, the one you see all over the covers of fitness magazines and in movies and tv shows? That’s a fitness model body. Those lean and toned men and women are dedicated to their fitness model diet and never miss a workout. In other words, it takes a lot of effort to get the fitness model look.

We’re going to level with you. There’s isn’t any way around the fact that you’ll have to change your diet and stick with a workout plan, but how do you like the idea of speeding things up and getting that sexy, built body in only 90 days? It doesn’t hurt to have a little bit of help along the way, especially if you’re going to get to fitness model status in just 3 months, which is why you should take a look at Jet Set Body, a program that is producing some of the most incredible results we’ve seen—seriously, check out these before and afters:


Jet Set Body Before & Afters


We really like that this isn’t just another program that gives you a plan to follow for a short time but then leaves you hanging at the end. You’ll get lifetime access and after the first 90 days are up, a Nutrition Maintenance Plan will keep you in tight and toned shape. Their fitness model diet plan is based on whole, natural foods that include plenty of vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, and even some good carbs, and we love that they don’t push any supplements on you. The workout plan was created with help from fitness model trainers Cathy Savage and Rob Knox, and it will definitely help you peel off those layers of fat and end up with a beautiful, sculpted physique (just say no to skinny-fat!).

Jet Set Body is not only PACKED with tools to help you stick with the plan—90-day progressive workout plan, 90-day Get Shredded nutrition plan, lifetime access, The Dining-Out Guide, a members only forum, the post 90-day maintenance nutrition plan that we mentioned—but you’ll also get some really generous and totally free bonuses that put things over the top:

80/20 Fast Start Guide
The Healthy Shopping List
Make My Life Easy Shopping List
Kick-Ass Protein Shakes & Snacks eBook
Exercise Video Glossary
Six-Pack Abs eBook
Measurement Tracking Guide
90 Day Food Journal

Not convinced? Give this a quick watch:

We know you want to get lean, get toned, get sexy, get shredded…so, DO IT! The results have made us huge fans of the Jet Set Body program, so check it out (hey, there’s even a money back guarantee, so why not?). See you on the other side!

Top 5 Fitness Model Diet Tips

1. Focus on eating an abundance of lean protein

Salmon fillet with herbs and tomatoes

Lean animal protein like salmon is an important part of a fitness model diet

Lean animal protein is best, so that means plenty of fish, turkey, chicken and eggs. If you’re choosing pork or beef, keep your portion size down to about 4 oz. and be sure to choose lean cuts. Protein shakes can be included in your diet as a supplement and work best as midday snacks or as a recovery meal after your workout. Protein will be the most important part of your diet when you’re in fitness model training mode.

2. Choose whole grains

You’ll want to keep the amounts minimal, but complex carbohydrates like oatmeal, quinoa or brown rice will help fill you up and provide extra energy for those high-intensity workout sessions. If you’re focusing on staying lean, eat your grains early in the day to be sure they’ll be burnt off as energy and not stored on the body.

3. Load up on vegetables

Vegetables will provide you with the vitamins and minerals you must consume to keep your diet healthy and balanced. You can choose practically any vegetable you like, but sticking with the rich-in-color and antioxidant-packed veggies like dark leafy greens, broccoli and peppers will give you the most bang for your caloric buck. Amounts can be practically unlimited, unless you are in a cutting phase or getting lean for a show or event. In this case, try avoiding starchier vegetables like corn or squashes.

4. Water, water, water

Having a fitness model body requires you to be quite cut and lean, which means focusing on trimming excess fat and keeping that metabolism running around the clock. Water is essential in helping to flush out the fat that is burned, so you’ve got to stay on top of your daily intake. Water will also help keep your body clean and energized. Hydrate before and during your workouts, and be sure to be sipping throughout the day. To mix it up a bit, add fresh lemon, lime or cucumber to your water.

5. Keep your metabolism stoked by eating every 4 hours

Forget the idea of having 3 square meals a day. Our bodies function better and more efficiently by feeding it on a more regular and frequent schedule. Either keep your portion sizes down and have 5-6 meals throughout the day, or supplement your morning, noon and evening meals by snacking between. Keep it healthy by choosing a protein shake, or a protein/fiber combo like an apple half with peanut butter, and that calorie-burning furnace will keep humming along around the clock.

So You Want to be a Fitness Model?

It seems that everyone, at least a little bit, daydreams of being (or at least looking like) a fitness model—toned arms, strong legs, incredible abs. The people that actually do make it to fitness model status have worked very hard to get there, and they sure deserve it.

Being a fitness model requires having an insane body, a body that not only turns heads, but is truly in peak physical condition. Getting to this point physically means adhering to a strict and challenging workout regimen, as well as following a very healthy diet. Since these kind of nutrition and exercise programs can mean long hours and very strong willpower, you’ll also need to be in a strong mental state.

The fitness modeling world is jam packed with those people we mentioned above, the many aspiring hopefuls who love the idea of being a fitness model, but just don’t have the physical or mental focus to get to that goal. It really is a lifestyle change and to be serious, it requires a dedication that very few can achieve. In addition to the physical requirements, becoming a fitness model means you must be great in front of the camera—have that photogenic look, be able to capture and hold attention.  Putting some care into your body and how you present yourself will go a long way towards getting you that extra notice that helps the top fitness models get to that spot.

Fitness Model Diets — What to Eat and How to Get the Look

Fitness Model Diet Food

Lean, healthy protein + vegetables = Fitness Model Body

You know a fitness model when you see one—toned, tight, beautiful. Whether female fitness model or male fitness model, they no doubt could not have made it to their peak form without a strict workout program. Even more important in getting to that lean, cut figure though, is nutrition. Ripped abs, defined delts and lean, strong arms will be yours if can follow a healthy eating regimen based around these guidelines.

Ripped Abs

It definitely takes some dedication to your ab workouts to get that coveted six-pack look, but all that hard work will be for nothing if there’s a layer of fat obscuring your midsection. A diet low in carbohydrates and rich in lean protein is important for keeping body fat low and muscle definition prominent. Stick with low-fat, high-quality animal proteins—chicken, fish, lean beef—that are prepared in a healthful manner such as steaming or broiling. Don’t try to starve yourself in an attempt to shed fat, your body will counteract by holding on to those energy stores instead.

Defined Delts

You’ll want to show off those sexy shoulders after following a fitness model diet for a couple of weeks. Another great protein to get you to that point is egg whites. A couple of egg whites scrambled up with some sauteed spinach or kale will provide you with plenty of energy to get through that tough morning workout and you’ll feel full and satisfied well through lunch.

Lean, Strong Arms

There’s going to be a lot of work put into those biceps and triceps so don’t ruin it by mismanaging your eating. Any time of day, fresh or steamed vegetables are a great snack that will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to make it through those workouts. Follow up with plenty of water, at least 64 ounces per day, to keep you hydrated and energized and keep flushing toxins.

Want that fitness model look? Take two weeks to try out a low carb, high protein healthy diet filled with lean meats and vegetables. You’ll not only find that sleek, cut, defined look, but will feel amazing too.

Welcome to Fitness Model Diet 101!

We’ll be providing you with the freshest and most useful info on getting to that fitness model physique you’ve been dreaming about! There are lots of fitness model diet plans out there so we’ll be breaking them down and doing the dirty work to get you the very best info on what WORKS. Bookmark us, check back soon and let us know what you’d like hear about here!